Comments given on my book series

I thought I should give some updates.

1) There have been some comments from others and my responses about my book series on the OSDEV.ORG forum.

2) I have been working on a few minor fixes and comments for Volume 8, mostly with the EHCI and Bulk Only protocol.

3) There have been questions about when the Network volume will be released. I have a working network driver for the NE2k and RTL8139 network cards, and enough protocol code and documentation to announce the machine on the LAN (Local Area Network). However, more work needs to be done as well as Internet protocols.

4) There has been questions about why there are so many versions of each book. I don't know why or where there are ideas that there are more than one or two versions of my books. Each volume has had a single edition released, except for Volume 1 and Volume 8, each having a 2nd Edition released. When purchasing a book, to be sure that you get the latest edition, always purchase from the publishing website (CreateSpace) listed on the respected page.

5) Please note that the Kindle Version of each Volume, if available, is the 1st Edition only. The Kindle does not show the tables, figures, and code listings well and is very hard to follow along. However, if you do purchase the Kindle version, you will still get the latest Edition's source ISO, upon requested.

6) I have decided to change Volume 5 to something else. If a subject in each Volume needs the PCI or PCIe, the relevant documentation on the PCI and/or PCIe is included in that volume. Therefore, no need to have a separate volume just for the PCI. However, I currently have no ideas on what to make Volume 5 about. If you have a suggestion, please let me know at the address listed below.

As always, if you have any comments, good or bad, please let me know at fys [at] fysnet [dot] net.