OS Series Update

Good progress has been made on Volume 8 with the UASP documentation. Just to let you know, transfers with the USB Attached SCSI interface is extremely faster than the Bulk-Only interface. It actually suprised me a little. Anyway, I have added about 30 pages on this subject, describing how to use this UAS Protocol. Watch for it in the next edition release.

With the addition of the UASP information, I have added information about the xHCI's Streams. UASP uses Streams and therefore added this information.

I have also added and corrected/clarified items in other chapters, and per a reader's request, have added more diagrams to show a visual representation of the subject.

I have also done a little bit of work on Volume 1.

Thank you to all of my readers for your great comments and support. Please be sure to let me know if you have any questions in your development. My contact address can be found here.