FYSOS update again

Due to requestes, I have updated my bootable FYSOS image so it has the minimal GUI on it too. You can get it from here (~1.75Meg). Again, I would like all the tests I can get so that I can wrap up some research and move on to the next phase. Thanks.

fys [at] fysnet [dot] net

FYSOS update

I have been able to do some updates to my FYSOS Operating System, which in turn has allowed me to do a bunch of research and development on major updates to my book series, especially Volume 8. See last months blog for more information and an updated test image file.

Latest additions:

  • USB Updates:
    • Allows mutliple USB keyboards/keypads to be connected, all key_state aware. i.e.: press caps lock on one, they all use caps lock and show via the LED.
    • Improved/Fixed OHCI port power. Documented a "bug" in the OHCI specification about port power.

I would really appreciate it if you installed the hd.img file to a thumb drive and booted it on your test machine[1]. Then once there is no more scrolling of data, press the enter key to give you a prompt. Usually takes about 30 seconds or so, depending on the hardware you have installed. Then change to the flash drive:


and type


This will write a text file to the thumb drive of all characters previously written to the screen. I would really appreciate it if you sent me that DEBUG.TXT file.
    fys [at] fysnet [dot] net

If you have multiple USB drives attached, you can use logs<enter> to display these drives. Then be sure to use the correct one to write the DEBUG.TXT file to.

A few other notes: The GUI is not currently included with this image. However, at boot time, you can press F8 during boot (light blue screen) and FYSOS will let you select a graphics screen. Since no actual images are included with this image, not much will be shown, but it is there if you wish to do so. (It will select a 16-bit graphics screen by default, if a suitable one is found)

Thank you.

[1]As always, I do not suggest you boot it on your flagship, your development machine, or on a machine that you don't want damaged. My code does not intentionally do any damage, but it is not thoroughly tested. As always,

**** Use at your own risk ****

I would like to know about it, especially if it doesn't even boot, or only makes it so far. Send me an email saying "Ben, your stupid thing doesn't even boot...". Well, at least give me some idea why, a screen shot, a picture of the screen with your phone, whatever. Please.