A DOS command-line CD Player

Now includes a GUI version

This usually only works with older, slower machines and most likely will not work in a DOS session under WinXP or higher.

CDP is a command line audio CD player for DOS
Version: 1.031
Author: Ben Lunt (Forever Young Software)
Date: 15 Aug 2002
Assembler: NBASM

CDPlayer is a GUI audio CD player for DOS
Version: 2.25e
Author: Ben Lunt (Forever Young Software)
Date: 12 June 2002
(Changed the /D:d parameter to allow Drives C: through Z:)

Download the CD player zip file from here (19k) and unzip it (See my links page for PKUNZIP) in a directory of your choice, then view CDP.TXT, CDPLAYER.TXT, and REGISTER.TXT
(To download, I suggest right clicking the link and saving to disk)

To play a CD using CDP, type CDP at the DOS prompt and then follow the instructions.

To play a CD using CDPLAYER, type CDPLAYER at the DOS prompt and use the mouse or the keyboard. Or use the /S parameter to start the CD and exit to DOS. See CDPLAYER.TXT for more info on the cd player and the user keys.

Note: Both assume that drive D: is your cd drive (directions to change it are included)
Also: Both assume that MSCDEX or a compatible driver is already installed and activated.

(use autoexec.bat and config.sys)

The assembly source code is included in the zip file for CDP.COM to show how to program the MSCDEX driver. The Source is not included for CDPLAYER.EXE because it uses the same content to access the MSCDEX driver.

There is also a FAQ list by Marcus W. Johnson to help you write your own CD player.

Please read the three .TXT files for distribution rules and copyrights.

CDPlayer has an Easter Egg in it. Have you found it yet? If so, let me know and I will give you credit for it.