Forever Young Software for Hire Forever Young Software for Hire Forever Young Software

Personal overview:
 1. Individually owned and operated
 2. Active member of the Taylor AZ community for more than 10 years
 3. Active member of a world wide church organization
 4. Active husband and a father of two children
 5. Active in our local Boy Scouts of America troop/District

 1. Worked in most areas of computers and software since 1984
 2. Consulted, taught, programmed, and debugged software for MS-DOS and MS Windows and variants
 3. Constructed hardware and applications to use the hardware
 4. Created many software tools to program and debug other software

 1. MS-DOS and variants since 1984
 2. Windows variants since 1994
 3. Built an Intel x86 assembler called NBASM
 4. Built an Intel x86 Operating System called FYSOS
 5. Experienced in many PC AT/XT style hardware platforms
 6. Experienced in many different File Systems
 7. Numerous Year 2000 fixes on DOS and Windows applications
 8. Payday Loan style applications
 9. Universal Serial Bus applications

Programming Languages:
 1. BASIC  (Apple)      3  Years  (1984-1986)
 2. BASIC  (x86 DOS)   23+ Years  (1987-current)
 3. C      (x86 DOS)   20+ Years  (1990-current)
 4. 80x86 Assembly     20+ Years  (1990-current)
 5. Pascal (x86 DOS)   20+ Years  (1990-current)
 6. DOS Batch          20+ Years  (1990-current)
 7. 32-bit C/C++       12+ Years  (1998-current)
 8. ForTran             1  Year   (1991)
 9. COBOL               1  Year   (1991)
10. Easy Base           1  Year   (2000)
11. (X)HTML            14+ Years  (1996-current)

Multiple x86 PC/AT work stations by multiple manufactures available for
testing and debugging software and hardware.

 1. Visual Studio 6.x
 2. Visual Studio 2008
 3. Quick Basic 4.5, QBASIC
 4. Quick C 2.5
 7. FreePascal
 8. MS-DOS, FreeDOS, DR-DOS, other variants of DOS
 9. Win (FWG) 3.1
10. Win95/98/SE
11. WinXP Home/Pro
12. MS Office
13. OpenOffice
14. many others

Contract Work:
Work is done by any of the following options:
 1. Hourly rate:  With options for less per hour if many hours are guarenteed
 2. Contract:     Written contract
 3. Hired Employee:  W4
 4. Other options available
All work is done via a 1099 Tax option unless other arrangements are made.

Example Experienced Availability:
 1. Utilities for the handicapped
 2. special communications programs
 3. specialized utilities
 4. system hardware
 5. assemblers/compilers
 6. operating systems
 7. hardware detection 
 8. low-level programming
 9. data bases
10. employee care
11. multimedia applications 
12. Universal Serial Bus hardware
13. many hardware specific items
14. many, many more

All work is done at my residence or a place of my choice
Relocation is on special arrangement only

All contracts including all documentation, source code, and other items are confidential and are never 
revealed to anyone.  Once a contract has been fulfilled, all correspondence is done with as you see fit.
By default, I keep a copy of all correspondence for future use in case a problem arises.

   initial email contact is required
   fys [at] fysnet [dot] net
   Forever Young Software
   321 Pinedale Rd, 875
   Taylor AZ 85939-0875

For Hardware Manufactures:
If you are a hardware manufacture and need to have beta testers for new products, please contact me at
the address above with information about the product and how you would like it tested.  I then will
return a detailed analysis of that product.  Thank you for considering me as a beta tester.

For Publishers:
If you have a publication that you would like a review, please contact me with details.  If you send me
the publication, I will read it and write a review, posting either here on my site and/or for you to post
on yours.

Contact information listed above.