DOS Help Magazine

Have you noticed that since DOS World has 'intergraded' with Practical Windows that the DOS World is more like DOS Moon? Where did the DOS part go?

DOS Help Magazine is here. It is very similar to what DOS World use to be. With different feature articles and columns each issue.

DHMag is in HTML format. You can view it with your favorite viewer. I have viewed it in IE4.x and Netscape 3.x. If the text is not formatted right in the viewer you use, please let me know and I will fix it.

DHMag no long uses long file names, so you can now use PKUNZIP to extract it correctly. (thanks Bernie)

I plan to release each issue about every month and with more subscribers/contributors it will grow to be a full, programmers source, magazine. So if you want to write an article for one of the columns in the e-mag or want to start a new column, please send it in today.

Download the current issue below and use Pkunzip to extract it to a new folder.
Then with your favorite html viewer, start with cover.htm.

There has been no change to the actual contents of the e-mags. The only thing that changed is the filenames.

PKunzip unzips the filenames as uppercase. If your browser is case sensitive, use the included TOLOW.COM utility to change all filenames to lowercase. (just type tolow at the DOS prompt).

PKWare has come out with a new version of PKZIP/PKUNZIP for DOS. Now version 2.50 will keep the lowercase filenames. You can get the new version at:

issue size date contents
Volume 1   Number 01 46k 07 Nov 1998 Shape up your DOS environment, Mixed Language Programming
Volume 1   Number 02 79k 17 Dec 1998 The PSP, ANSI, opening the CD Tray
Volume 1   Number 03 60k 23 Jan 1999 Hex2Dec2Bin2Oct, TSR Clock, More File Handles, ERRORLEVEL
Volume 1   Number 04 89k 08 June 1999 Keyboard LED's, Undocumented FORMAT, Reboot, ANSI
Volume 1   Number 05 45k 08 Aug 1999 Unloading TSR's, Tips and Tricks, Video Hardware
Volume 1   Number 06 38k 26 Oct 1999 Animation, MASM for Free, Self Replicating Source

If your browser is case sensitive, use the included util.
          (type tolow at the dos prompt)