A format routine in Assembler callable from Basic

Frmtdemo.bas is the basic code to call the assembler routine (frmt.asm) to format a floppy disk. I am not giving much
documentation on this, so if you have any questions, let me know.
Version: 1.00b
Author: Ben Lunt (Forever Young Software)
Date: 04 Feb 1998
Assembler: MASM 5.10
Compiler: MS QB45

Download the zip file from here, or below, and unzip it (See my links page for PKUNZIP) in a directory of your choice.
(To download, I suggest right clicking the link and saving to disk)

FRMTDEMO.ZIP (5,321) should contain 2 files:
FRMT.ASM (24,205)
If there are any differences in the package you got, please let me know.

To create the EXE file, do the following:


This will create FRMTDEMO.EXE. See Frmtdemo.bas for more info on the capabilities of this routine.