The FYS OS: code named 'Konan'

The File System

Version: 1.61
  Dated: 3 Apr 2012

This file system is not something that is going to break any new records, nor is it the next
best thing. However, it does have a few advantages that may or may not be worth using.

  1. Allows for extremely large volumes
  2. Allows for unlimited file name lengths
  3. Allows for almost unlimited file sizes (up to 64-bits in size)
  4. Has complete undelete capabilities
  5. Has numerous CRC checks for accurate data verification
  6. Has encryption capabilities
  7. Is easy to implement

If you have any questions and/or suggestions plus any feedback, please let me know
at fys [at sign] fysnet [period] net. This specification is in PDF and is located here.

If you have implemented this FS, or better yet, have a disk image of this OS, please let
me know. I would love to test your image for you. Any comments, good or bad, or always
welcomed. Thank you.