File System Images for downloading and testing your code with.

The following page is a list of links to hard drive/floppy drive/CDROM images of file systems that you can use to test your File System code on.

These are images of partitions that people like you have sent here for others to use to test their FS code on. If you have an image of a floppy, hard drive, CDROM, USB stick, or other form of media and would like to help your fellow coders, please see below for instructions.

Please note that any image listed here, though not intentionally, may contain things that may be inappropriate to children, virii, or even contain illegal transfered data such as an installation of Windows. Though I try to view each image, I can not verify any legal aspects or other items on each image. Please use at your own risk.

Link File System F/H/CD Size/Compressed Size Contact
 Also has two FAT12 Floppy images, and includes bochrc.txt.
FAT12 HD/FD 10 Meg/3 Meg Bochs
  It contains only the BASE diskset and lacks a LiveCD portion.
  ISO 8 Meg FreeDOS
  Includes Source.
  ISO 153 Meg FreeDOS
  Includes many floppy formats from 160k to 2.88m so that you can check your floppy driver.
FAT12 FD 160K -> 2.88M  
 Includes information on Bochsrc.txt.
Ext2[3] HD 4 Meg/2 Meg Bochs (Volker Ruppert (info [at] vruppert [dot] de))
DLX Linux (1.3.x Kernel)
 Has Bochsrc.txt file.
Ext2 HD 10 Meg/1.5 Meg Bochs
 Has Bochsrc.txt file.
UFS/FFS ? FD 1.16 Meg/1.2 Meg Bochs (Volker Ruppert (info [at] vruppert [dot] de))
 Has Bochsrc.txt file.
UFS/FFS ? FD 1.44 Meg/1.3 Meg Bochs (Volker Ruppert (info [at] vruppert [dot] de))
 Has Bochsrc.txt file.
UFS/FFS ? FD 1.44 Meg/1.1 Meg Bochs (Volker Ruppert (info [at] vruppert [dot] de))
Pragma Linux[2]
 Has Bochsrc.txt file.
Unknown[4] FD 1.44Meg/1.38 Meg Bochs (Volker Ruppert (info [at] vruppert [dot] de))
Debian 3.0r0 Image (broken) Unknown[4] HD ? Meg/? Meg Bochs (Robert Millan)
Debian 2.5r5 Image (broken) Unknown[4] HD ? Meg/? Meg Bochs (Robert Millan)
Linux kernel image for x86-64
 Compressed Linux bzImage file.
Unknown[4] HD ? Meg/776k Bochs (Andi Kleen at SuSE)
KNOPPIX 3.8.1[1]
 Hardware auto-detecting Debian-based Live CD.
  ISO 686 Meg Bochs
GNU pre0.3
 Also known as GNU/Hurd. Has GRUB Boot Loader. Has Bochsrc.txt.
Unknown[4] HD 516 Meg/85 Meg Bochs (Robert Millan)
JX OS Demo Floppy[1] Ext2 FD 1.44 Meg Bochs
 The FYSOS Operating System.
FAT16 FD/HD 17 Meg/1.8Meg Ben Lunt
 See more info here and more similar images here.
Ext3 HD 927 Meg/221 Meg  
 FedoraCore5 Ext2 Image
Ext3 HD 1.5 Gig/100 Meg  
 Ext4 Image
Ext4 HD 10 Meg/2k Felix Zielcke - Grub-devel mailing list
 Includes older Minix source and images files.
Minix (?) FD 360k  
Btrfs images
 The new filesystem for Linux.
Linux Ext2 (?) HD 254M here, here, and here.
Anybody got an HPFS (OS/2) or Apple Mac partition? HPFS      
[1]This is a link to where you can download the file, not the file itself.
[2]For more information, see here.
[3]The SuperBlock->Revision Level == 0, but has level 1 items?
[4]If You know the FS Type, please let me know at fys [pigtail] fysnet [dot] net.

If you have an image of a File System that you would like listed here, please find a free file hosting server, some are listed here,
upload your file to that server, then send the link to me at fys [pigtail] fysnet [dot] net.

Even if you see that a specific File System is already listed, please submit yours also. The more to test with the better.

Please include a contact email in the form of something similar to: name [pigtail] server [dot] com
Or you can simply state that you would rather not have your email listed.

Please do not send a link to an image with an Operating System that is not freely available.
i.e.: Don't send a link to an image with Windows installed on it.

A little note, please keep the data on the image clean. I will not list your image here if I find something inappropriate. Thanks for keeping it clean.