Sending e-mail to Benjamin D Lunt

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My Email ISP now has SPAM filtering that will automatically delete spam from my inbox before it even gets to my inbox. With this in mind, please watch what you send. If the filter finds any irregularities with your message, such as "non-normal caps", detailed HTML, etc., specified words that are included in spam messages, and the like, it will be automatically deleted.
To be safe, send your mail as text, no html or other format, and do not use very many words that you would see in spam. Thank you.

Before sending me an email, you might like to try the FAQ List first. If the FAQ list does not answer your question, please feel free send me an email with your question.

I receive a lot of mail each day and I try to answer all of it. If I get an error when trying to reply such as delivery problems or server not found I do not try to resend it. So if you do not get a reply with in about a week, please resend the message and carefully check the reply address.

When replying to me, please always include my message so that I can refer back to it. Some letters I get have one-liners or answers without the question and I have no idea what they are referring to.

If you plan to include an attachment with your message please make sure that it is 10k or less; that includes email and all attachments. If you need to send me something larger, please contact me first with a description of what you are about to send. If I receive an email message with a large attachment and I have not been contacted of this, I will discontinue loading that message and will not look at it.

Please include all information on what OS and compiler/interpreter that you are using. If I know this info, I can answer your question a lot faster and more detailed to what you need.

There is no fee for any information or code that I look at, respond to, or send you. All I ask is that you tell your friends where they can receive the same kind of help. If you put a link to my page on your page, that would be more than enough payment, but is not required.

I will not do your homework. If you need some help with your code, please try it yourself first. Then when you get stuck, I will be more than happy to help you.

Please do not send me a message asking for some code to do this or that. I won't write it for you, however I will be very pleased to help you when you get stuck.

Sorry about all the hog-wash but this helps me serve you better.

I can be reached at the following address: fys (at symbol) fysnet (dot symbol) net
(If you receive an error or do not receive a response from me at that address, please try 'benlunt (at symbol) cableone (dot symbol) net').

I do try to get to everyones email. However, lately I have been getting quite a bit. If I don't get back to you, please try again later. I appoligize to anyone that I am unable to get back to, or have not replied to. I am trying...

If you found this site helpful or received some helpful information from me and would like to re-pay the favor, please have a look at my Old things I collect page.

Just a Note:
If you are replying to me, please post part of my message, so that I know what you are talking about.
Thanks Ben
Another Note:
If you don't get a reply from me, try again. Maybe your address bounced when I tried to reply.
Thanks Ben
I try to reply to every email I get, so please be patient.
Thanks Ben