A complete Mouse Library

MOUSE.LIB is a complete mouse library for assembly. It includes full source.
Version: 0.761b
Author: Ben Lunt (Forever Young Software)
Date: 1 Jan 1998
Assembler: MASM 5.10

Download the library zip file from here, or below, and unzip it (PKUNZIP 2.04g recommended) in a directory of your choice, then view MOUSE.ASM
(To download, I suggest right clicking the link and saving to disk)

MOUSE.ZIP (6,926) should contain 4 files:
- Bit 2 of BX, returned by get button status, is the Intellipoint Wheel press (not scroll)
- - Works with Mouse version 8.48+. I have not tried it on earlier versions. If it works on yours, let me know.
- Includes a better example with graphics and changing the cursor to your own shape.
The actual mouse lib is unchanged.

How to use the mouse in Basic and C:
Qbmouse.zip shows how to use the mouse in Basic.
Qcmouse.c shows how to use the mouse in C.