Operating System Design Book Series

This page hosts the list of books within the Operating System Design Book Series by Benjamin David Lunt. There are currently eight books planned with six already published and one in development.  Please note that the names and count of volumes may change as the need arises or interests change. Please visit this page every so often to see the progress of this series.  Thank you.

Please also note that I write these books for my enjoyment, not for a living. I do this because I enjoy the process of the research, development, layout, and writing of these books. I also enjoy helping other people. Yes, I do make a slight (and I mean slight) profit from them, but this doesn't even pay for the time I spend returning emails from readers asking questions. I am grateful to help and am happy to and try to reply to every reader, but please don't expect the next greatest and wonderful book series from this. I do this for the purpose that it is an enjoyment for me, it takes me away from my real job, and above all, I hope that others learn from my work. I am grateful for all of the wonderful words many have sent in--and for those who sent not so nice words, I am still grateful, for no one can improve their work without learning from trial and error. So please, if you have comments, I would be very grateful to hear them, good or bad. When I release later versions of that book, I will surely try to include more information about a certain subject you ask for. Thank you. If you receive an error or do not receive a response from me at the 'fys [at] fysnet [dot] net' email address, please try 'benlunt [at] cableone [dot] net'.

This series of books is designed for the 32-bit x86 style platform, including Intel and AMD architectures. In book stores!Volume 1: The System Core: 2nd Edition: 2017 April 06 (320 pages) In book stores!Volume 2: The Virtual File System: 1st Edition: 2014 April 15 (204 pages) In book stores!Volume 3: Media Storage Devices: 1st Edition: 2015 June 01 (228 pages) In book stores!Volume 4: Input and Output Devices: 1st Edition: 2016 May 01 (132 pages) Volume 5: Misc System Services - Planned items to include:   - MSRs (Model Specific Registers)   - PCI IRQ Routing   - Processor Thermal Control   - System Management Mode - Current Status: - Research and Development. No estimated date available. In book stores!Volume 6: The Graphical User Interface: 1st Edition: 2016 July 04 (148 pages) Volume 7: The Network Interface - Current Status: - Working network driver for four well known NIC cards - Some work has been done on the common interface protocols - More Research and Development needed. No estimated date available. In book stores!Volume 8: The Universal Serial Bus: 3rd Edition: 2018 April 20 (700 pages) I can be contacted at fys [at] fysnet [dot] net.