Playing WAV files in DOS

PLAYWAV will play a WAV file in DOS. It is a small and simple routine, but is distributed for the benefit of other programmers to use and learn. It uses a fixed .WAV file name and a fixed frequency setting. However it should be easy to modify for your needs.

Version:  1.03
 Author:  Forever Young Software
   Date:  06 Jan 2002

Assembler:  NBASM
 Compiler:  Quick Basic 4.5
 Compiler:  Turbo Pascal 6.x

Download the PlayWav zip file from here (7k) and unzip it (See my links page for PKUNZIP) in a directory of your choice, then view PLAYWAV.TXT
(To download, I suggest right clicking the link and saving to disk)

Also see this document for more information on Sound Blaster Programming.