An assembler for the SPEW language/CPU

The SPEW language/CPU was invented for the Hugi Compo #9. It is a simple language/CPU that has 4 registers and 18 instructions. This fictitious CPU is a 12 bit CPU.

With my entry to HC09, I included a small assembler to assemble a given corrected syntaxed source file, to an appropriate 4k SPU image file. This is the reason for this page. I am including the source for the assembler here for the benefit of the Hugi Compo group as well as anyone else who is interested.

Please note that the assembler is a basic core and not a complete assembler. It does not check for user errors or syntax of the source file. Maybe in a later release I will add error checking.

The included SPU.ZIP (19k) file contains the following files:
- DEMO.SAM (the demo source code)
- DEMO.SPU (the SPU image file created with SPU.COM)
- DICE.COM (a very well written debugger for the SPU image file written by TAD)
- RULES.TXT (the rules included with HC09. A file describing the SPEW CPU)
- SPEW.TXT (a detailed file on the spew instruction set)
- SPU.ASM (the source code (x86 assembly) to the SPEW assembler)
- SPU.COM (the assembler) ver 0.92
- SPU.TXT (information file describing the usage and syntax of SPU.COM)

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the SPEW language or the SPU assembler.