Last Updated: 28 Dec 2014
This book is part of a series. Please see this page for more information.

To make sure that I have a wide range of tests performed, i need your help.  I have multiple test machines, but they are few compared to the amount of tests that should be done to make a thorough and accurate test base.

If you are willing to help, and meet the requirements for each test, please download the test, perform the test, and then email the results back to me at fys [at] fysnet [dot] net.  I will have a "contributors" section and will include your name if you have helped with these tests.  Please leave a name or handle name. If you would not like to be included in the "contributors" section, simply comment.

Thank you,

Notes:  These tests require a DOS based system.  They will not work under a Windows/Linux system that emulates DOS via a DOS box, DOS session, DOSBox, QEmu, Bochs, etc.  The zip file includes a floppy disk image (syscore.img) that you can write to a 1.44 meg floppy[1].  It contains FreeDOS and the test(s).  An installer is also included. Once you have installed syscore.img to the disk, simply place in the floppy drive and reboot your machine.

The test(s) also require a DPMI (DOS Protected Mode Interface) server.  There is one included in the .zip file along with one already installed on the syscore.img disk.

There is no intention what-so-ever to inflict harm to your computer, however, if you decide to help, you do so at your own risk.  To the best of my knowledge, these tests will not harm your computer in anyway.  Still,
                                   ******  use at your own risk  ******

Download from: (661k)
(includes a readme.txt file with instructions)

[1] The WinXP version of MPUTIMG will write this image to a USB Thumb Drive.  Then if your BIOS will boot USB Thumb Drives, you can use it instead of a floppy drive.

Above .zip file contains the following test(s):

DiskInfo:  v1.00.00
Requirements: DOS based system, and a DPMI.
Includes C Source

memE820:  v1.00.00
Requirements: DOS based system, and a DPMI.
Includes C Source