The following are definations/terms that pertain to this website. They may or may not be accurate for any other use.

Adware - A program that is essentially free, except that everytime you run it, it displayes a "buy me" advertisement either at the first or last of the program execution.

Commercial - Sold to the public for a profit.

DOS - Considered any Disk Operating System compatible with MS-DOS.

DOS Box - The DOS prompt under any Windows version.

Freeware - Considered free to the public for use. Can not be altered or other with out permission from the author.

GNU - GNU General Public Licence, as published by the Free Software Foundation, Cambridge, MA, USA; version 2

GPL - GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, Free Software Foundation, Inc.

IDE - Intergrated Development Environment. An application deticated to helping you program with the given tools.

Linux - The Linux Operating System

Public Domain - Considered free to the public for use. Can be altered or other with any intent without permission from the author.

Shareware - Free to use for a specified amount of time with restrictions. After this time is up, you must purchase the package, or discontinue use.

TRUE DOS - A standalone Disk Operating System compatible with MS-DOS not controlled from a Windows Operating System.

Windows - Considered the MS Windows GUI operating system.

Windows Console - Considered the same as a DOS box (above). A Windows Console will run 32-bit apps that do not use the Windows GUI interface items.