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FYSOS: The Virtual File SystemThis book is Volume 2 of the series, FYSOS: Operating System Design, and will describe the process needed to connect a file system to your kernel. It explains the steps to create a file system independent link between a file system residing on the media to your kernel code. Once you have done this, a simple call to fopen("C:\filename.txt", OPEN) is all you need to open a file. It then goes into detail, giving examples of what a file system should be, how to create your own, and what to include in that file system. It also explains the process of a simple journaling file system. Part 2 of this book details four file systems, two commonly used and well known, and two hobby file systems. The companion CD-ROM contains source code to utilities to check your work, display the contents of a file system, dump a file system, and repair a file system. This book, and its continued series of books, does not expect you to build the next great wonder of the computer world. It simply will help you with your interest in controlling the computer's hardware, from the point the BIOS releases execution to your boot code to the point of a fully working Graphical User Interface. It is not required that you know much about operating system design to use this book and no specific hardware or software is required.

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204 pages • The Link between your kernel and the file system • File System Function Calls • Disk Parameter Blocks • File Pointers • File System Journals • Details on the FAT, FYSFS, LEAN, and CDFS File Systems • Details and/or C Source code to: • Make a file system image (FAT, FYSFS, LEAN, and CDFS) • Check a Lean File System • CD-ROM Multi-boot boot sector
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The companion CD-ROM will not be available with the purchase of the book via book outlets and online shopping. However, with any form of proof of purchase[1], the CD-ROM can be sent to you as an .ISO image via email, or sent as a CD-ROM via USPS. (A small postage fee may be applied). I can be contacted at fys [at] fysnet [dot] net. [1] A proof of purchase would consist of, but not limited to: - Confirmation email from seller, copied/pasted to a request email to the address above - Image of a register receipt sent as an attachment to the address above - Randomly chosen chapter/page/paragraph/sentence-within-that-paragraph combination (chosen by you) I am just trying "to keep the honest honest". You know, once you have the book, I will send you the ISO. I don't question whether you have it or not. :-)
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Introduction Part 1 1. The File System Overview 2. The Virtual Link 3. The Function Calls 4. Directories 5. A Simple File System 6. Inodes and File Extents 7. Journals 8. File System Creation Part 2 9. The FAT File System 10. The FYSFS File System 11. The Lean File System 12. The "ISO" File System Appendix A - Disc Contents Appendix B - Included Utilities/Source Code Appendix C - Tables and Figures Appendix D - UTF-8/16 Appendix E - One Physical Floppy, Two Logical Drives Appendix F - File System Detection Appendix G - Timestamps Appendix H - Multi-boot CDROMs Appendix X - For More Information Bibliography A more detailed Table of Contents (pdf), stripped directly out of the book.
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