Ultimate: The Ultimate Image Browser

Recently, I have been working on my EFI GPT boot code and needed to update the image files.

Throughout the years, I have made many utilities to create and/or modify various images and file formats.

However, I found myself using so many different (custom) utilities that it was getting difficult to keep track of what each one was capable of.

Therefore it was time to make a single utility. This is where Ultimate came in to play.

The image above is my test image with various file systems included in an eMBR partition.

Each tab allows you to view and/or modify items from that file system.

As shown in the image above, you can modify the BPB as well as view the files and folder structure on the image. Using the Copy button, you can copy file(s) from the image to the host machine. Using the Insert button, you can add files to the image. Please see the notes below.

You can view/modify a file's entry information:

You can view/modify ext2/3/4 images:

You can view/modify exfat images:

You can view/modify files with a MBR (Master Boot Records):

You can view/modify files with a GPT:

You can view/modify files on ISO CDROMs:

Work has been started on the NTFS file system:

However, please note the following items:
The following items are supported: The following items are not (yet) supported: Some of the items are not complete, others are mostly complete.

I include it here solely for the purpose of your help. I need it tested. Once it is complete, I intend to release it for all to use.

If you wish to use it in its current state, please be advised that it may not work exactly as you wish. Please see the following:
I will continue to work on it and uploaded updates as they come. However, please let me know if you test it and what you have found.

Make a new image file

The Help files can be found at:

The demodisk.img shown in most examples above can be found here (5.50 Meg Compressed, 165 Meg Uncompressed).

An efidisk.img, similar to the demodisk above, which can be booted as an EFI GPT image can be found here (5.10 Meg Compressed, 165 Meg Uncompressed).


contact: fys [at] fysnet [dot] net
Download: http://www.fysnet.net/ultimate/ultimate.zip (188k)
Current version (00.44.02) is dated: 2019 Mar 01
Revision History/TO DO list

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