NewBasic -- An x86 Assembler/Disassembler for DOS

The NewBasic Assembler, NBASM, is an x86 assembler and is near MASM 5.1x compatible.

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please let me know.

Vist here, for a list of other compilers and assemblers and/or links to other sites that list compilers and assembers.

Release of beta versions:
(If an item doesn't contain a link, then it is not ready for release yet)
Item Name Version     (Size) Notes
The Assembler: NBASM v00.26.73 (642k) Freeware x86 assembler (please read) (what's new)
The Disassembler: NBDISASM v00.10.41 Freeware x86 disassembler (Included in NBASM.ZIP)
IDE: NBASMIDE v00.24.35 (100k) The new and improved IDE for NBASM. Requires NBASMW.EXE from NBASM above.
The Compiler: NBC v00.20.27 The NewBasic C Compiler (with source, and included in NBASM.ZIP)
The Linker: NBL v00.16.10 (42k) Freeware Linker for NBASM above.
The Whole Package* NEWBASIC v00.97.86  
Tiny Model Library: NBASMC.LIB v00.91.05 (2k) current version of the library
Small Model Library: SMLIB.LIB v00.55.00 for use with NBC and the small model
The Extended Lib: NBCPP10 v00.90.00  
The Mouse Lib: MOUSE v00.98.03  
The Math Lib: MATH v00.90.00  
The Helper: NBHLP v01.00.00  
The Library Manager: LibMan v00.91.02 (7k) Allows you to create your own library (beta release)
Exe2Bin converter: EXE2COM v01.16.00 (2k) Converts an EXE file to a COM file
Shrink an Exe: SHRNKEXE v00.91.00 (1k) Shinks an EXE file by up to 480 bytes
Exe header viewer: EXEHDR v01.00.00 (3k) View EXE headers
The Memory Viewer: MEMORY v01.02.00 (1k) Veiw the MCB's
Dump OBJ file: READOBJ v01.00.00 (16k) View .OBJ files
Dump a file: DUMP v01.00.00 (16k) Dump a files contents

* The whole package includes libraries and utilities

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If you are reporting a bug, please state all info you possibly can pertaining to the problem. What DOS version you are using, a Windows session or not, what NBASM version, the error number returned, etc. If at all possible, please send your source code (or a part of) that returned the error/bug.